The Breton lifestyle is built on emotion, quality and love. Based on these characteristics that are intrinsic to the São Paulo-based brand, the Bossa Nossa Breton Brasil collection, released in May of this year, is fully in line with the brand philosophy. Engaging forms, pleasant materials to the touch, multiplicity of finishes are part of Breton's assets - all in line with a responsible attitude in dealing with processes and materials.

Signed by new generation design studios - Alessandro Alvarenga, Bianca Barbato, Bruno Simões, Brunno Jahara, Carol Gay, Daniela Ferro, Giácomo Tomazzi, Estúdio Bola, Estúdio Rain, Mula Preta, Rejane Carvalho Leite and Zanocchi & Starke - the line points for a moment of expansion in the life of the company: more than ever, it is time to value the author and seek, from North to South of the country, professionals capable of propagating our cultural and intellectual diversity.

As a large family living under the same roof, the collection of more than 40 items brings together designers of different styles at different stages of their careers. It has been created to circulate with ease through indoor, outdoor or transition areas. Each piece of furniture with its own way, its own form, and its own time. But all of them capable of providing moments of inspiration, which will certainly be kept forever in the memory.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic)