BRETON S/A, with CNPJ 17.262.405/0001 -09, headquartered in Rua Maria de Lourdes, 464 - Jardim Maria Helena, CEP 09.981-380, Diadema-SP, Brazil, sole and exclusive owner of the domains that use the BRETON brand and, hereinafter referred to solely BRETON INTERNET SITE, establishes this instrument called ACACT OF USE for the USER of the SITE INTERNET BRETON, according to the conditions described below:

By this ACACT OF USE, BRETON USER is well informed and agrees that by using the BRETON INTERNET SITE, it will automatically adhere to and agree to comply fully with the conditions of this ACTA OF USE and any future modifications.

The words, written in this instrument in capital letters, shall have the meaning attributed to them in accordance with the following:

USER(S): are the natural or legal persons who access and use the services provided by the company BRETON.

INTERNET SITE: set of pages or place in the Internet environment occupied by CONTENT of a company or a person.

INTERNET SITE: It is the INTERNET SITE registered in the Centre of Information and Coordination of Point BR (www.registro.br) under the domain: breton.com.br, with all the resources and tools related to it, as well as other INTERNET SITE and BRETON brand domains registered in the respective bodies responsible for the classification and registration of the domain..

ADVERTISER(S) are the natural or legal persons who disclose their advertisements or advertising on the BRETON INTERNET SITE.

COOKIE(S): small text file saved in browsers. This resource enables the identification of USERS and the routing of the document according to preset parameters.

LINKS(S): means an electronic access, either by means of images or words, that allows connection to other screens of the same INTERNET SITE or, also, of other INTERNET SITES.

SPAN: These are e-mails sent to a group of USERS without their proper permission.

CONTENT: It includes texts, programs, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, images, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, animations, interactive resources and other materials to which the USER (S) and the Advertiser (S) have access to or delivery (n) to an INTERNET SITE..

This document informs about the responsibilities, duties and obligations that all USER (s) assume (s) when accessing and/or using the INTERNET SITE and its related services such as software, plug-ins, bars and accessories, unless they are governed by a specific ACTA OF USE.

The USER (S) must read carefully the following terms before accessing or using the INTERNET SITE, since the access or use of it implies in full compliance with such universal terms.

The BRETON INTERNET SITE and the other participants in the INTERNET SITE will only provide the USER (S) information and provide services by expressly agreeing to the TERMS OF USE, conditions and information contained herein, as well as the other documents incorporated into this instrument as reference. Use of the BRETON INTERNET SITE means full compliance with such terms, conditions and information.

Any errors in the operation of the BRETON INTERNET SITE will be corrected during the period necessary for maintenance. BRETON INTERNET SITE is not responsible for damages resulting from non-availability or errors in the functioning of the INTERNET SITE.

The USER (S) through this ACACT OF USE accepts (s) to be identified by the system of the INTERNET SITE, such as, for example, in the use of COOKIES and/or other technologies. This policy is intended to continuously improve the services provided by the BRETON INTERNET SITE.

If there is any doubt regarding the data collected by the BRETON INTERNET SITE please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The BRETON INTERNET SITE will devote its best efforts to prevent unsolicited sending of e-mails. Therefore, it is established that the use of the BRETON INTERNET SITE for the distribution of SPAM or the indiscriminate sending of messages of any kind via email is absolutely prohibited.

It is at the sole discretion of the BRETON INTERNET SITE to suspend and/or permanently disable and apply the legal measures that correspond to the USER (S) that is used (n) of the BRETON INTERNET SITE for the purpose of promoting its products or services for sale or for any other purpose, and which is (n) denounced by the people who receive those SPAM messages.

Failure to comply with the conditions, terms and observations of this ACTA OF USE gives the BRETON INTERNET SITE the right to cancel, suspend, exclude and/or disable the registration, temporarily or permanently, in its sole and exclusive discretion, without prejudice to the relevant legal provisions and without the need to communicate to the USER (S) the action taken within your system

All materials on the INTERNET SITE, including but not limited to presentation, “layout”, brands, logos, systems, products, service names and any other materials, including databases, programs, files, images, videos or materials of any other type and which have contractually authorized their transmissions through the INTERNET SITE, are protected by Intellectual Property legislation.

Ownership of the INTERNET SITE and its affiliates, customers or suppliers are the rights of use and ownership, delimiting that the reproduction, transmission and distribution of such materials are not permitted, without having the express written consent of the INTERNET SITE or the respective owner, especially for economic purposes or commercial.

The misuse of materials protected by intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, patents, etc.) presented on the INTERNET SITE will be characterized as infringement of current legislation, subject the infringing USER (S) to the measures corresponding to the species, without prejudice to any compensation for losses and damages and attorneys' fees for the INTERNET SITE, as well as third parties who come to suffer by the act of the USER (S).

The risks arising from the use of the INTERNET SITE are the (of) USER (S), therefore, if its use results in the need for services and/or replacement of material, equipment, property or information of (of) USER (S), the INTERNET SITE and its affiliates will not be liable for such costs.

The products, information, prices, services, systems and/or “software”, published on the INTERNET SITE may contain inaccuracies and/or spelling errors, which is why BRETON will devote its best efforts to keep the INTERNET SITE updated periodically.

In no way shall BRETON be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental damage or any fact resulting from the use of the BRETON INTERNET SITE, including for any information, products and/or services obtained through it or as a result of its use.

BRETON may alter, modify and/or adjust this ACTA OF USE at any time, and such alterations, modifications and/or adjustments will have effect only after becoming public. In this way, the USER (S) undertakes to review the ACT OF USE of the BRETON INTERNET SITE from time to time, making it clear that the USER (S) is subordinate to the acceptance of the ACT OF USE in force at the time of their access or when they make use of the services provided by the BRETON INTERNET SITE.

The INTERNET SITE reserves the right to modify, condense or exclude any CONTENT from the INTERNET SITE that it considers, in its sole discretion, that it violates the CONTENT guidelines, Brazilian law or any other provision of this ACTA OF USE.

Any notices or communications, which one Party has to make to the other Party, in connection with any rights or obligations contained in this instrument, shall take the written form and shall be deemed to be effectively delivered to the address of the undertaking BRETON if they are:

  • • Delivered into hands by written protocol by the legal person who may represent the party referred;
  • • Sent by courier service by means of a written protocol or, if it were by Mail, in the form of a registered letter (“AR”); o
  • • Sent by e-mail, or other electronic means capable of such communications.

The Parties agree on the receipt of electronic messages and archives as documentary evidence for all purposes, provided that it is done with notice of confirmation of receipt or other protocol certifying receipt of the communication.

The Forum of the Capital City of the State of São Paulo is elected as competent to settle any disputes resulting from this ACTA OF USE, regardless of any other, however privileged it may be or may be.