Zanocchi & Starke

Zanocchi & Starke is a multidisciplinary creation studio founded in 2013 in Torino by the Italian architect Andrea Zanocchi and the Brazilian product designer Carolina Starke, in an association that combines passion for design with a taste for experimentation: be it of materials or styles; industrial or artisanal processes. Designed to serve a young and globalized market, the Zanocchi & Starke products are betting on interaction and perhaps that is why they have been accepted so well here and abroad. Their creators are not only interested in designing objects to be used, but also capable of provoking desire, evoking emotions, telling stories. More than pursuing a new idea at all costs, it is from the reorganization of existing things that the duo’s best moments of creation are born. That’s no small thing.

Color is an inseparable element in the furniture collection - the Ringo table, the Martini bar, and the Nastro armchair, ottoman and lamp - created by the studio for Breton. A versatile set of pieces, designed for both residential and corporate use. Focusing on timeless and contrary to fads, designers put in evidence constructive details and outstanding solutions capable of particularizing each of their pieces and the result is, at the same time, playful and exclusive. As it is inherent, by the way, to all good design.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).