Mula Preta

Cactus, balls, dunes: seemingly disconnected elements but that compose the living imagery of the designer André Gurgel and the architect Felipe Bezerra make up the creative universe of the Mula Preta studio, one of the most irreverent and creative studios nowadays. With its name inspired by the homonymous music of Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião, one of the most complete musicians of Brazilian popular music, the creations of the duo mix the playful and functional in pieces that exude Brazilian-ness, especially for its laid-back and relaxed style. The professionals are greatly revered and have a high visibility in important international events, such as the Italian event A' Design Award & Competition, where the Mula studio has been awarded several prizes for unusual creations such as armchairs that suggest sweets or the Brazilian foosball tables.

Irreverence and formal exuberance are distinctive features of the Mula Preta's production. Evidently, these features are also present in the creations of the duo for the Bossa Nova collection: the Maremoto coffee table and the Imbaré armchair. These are pieces designed to outstand in the most diverse spaces, be they residential or corporate, and that make its organic design, combined with the innovative use of raw materials, respectively wood and foam, two of its greatest assets.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).