Flavio Borsato and Mauricio Lamosa are two São Paulo-based architects graduated from the Mackenzie University. College classmates and associates at estudiobola - a name that derives from the initials of the surnames Borsato and Lamoza - they have been together for almost 17 years waiving the banner of authorial design. Continuously aiming at creating furniture without fads, they invest in rigorous researches of proportions and finishes to give their creations an optimal timeless result, able to favor their diffusion and maximize the life of each piece. A philosophy of work that has been welcomed quite well by the market, given the increasing number of companies that produce and resell their creations, seduced not only by the excellence of the design, but also by the expressive results achieved by the duo’s creations.

Timeless furniture, devoid of ornaments and contrary to any fad. The idea that has characterized the production of the estudiobola is strictly adhered to in the Lou range of chairs and stools and the Grilo table, the creations of the studio for the Bossa Nossa collection. For the Lou range of products, there are two configurations: with or without a screen seat. The Grilo table includes two formats: circular or oval. In both cases, a set of versatile pieces, able to circulate with ease through the most diverse environment of the house, promoting harmony and elegance.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).