Daniela Ferro

Partner and design coordinator of Asa Design, Daniela Ferro is a product designer graduated from the Federal University of Paraná. With outstanding performance in the furniture area, her creations stand out by the extreme concern with precise patterns of detailing and execution. Subtle and minimalistic, her furniture speaks of a universe in which, if beauty is an intrinsic condition, functionality is never left behind. Perceived in every detail, the concern with the user's global comfort, both visual and sensorial, is always present in her works. Another important reference, the Brazilian nature, with its wild colors and somewhat rudimentary forms, is another mark in her creations. They are pieces that reinforce the idea of a house seen as a refuge to urban distress and where people can live moments of authentic interaction.

Daniela Ferro designs furniture that reinforces the idea of the house as a refuge for the daily troubles. Expanded conditions of comfort, materials pleasant to the touch and authenticity of materials arise as inseparable elements of their creations. Thus, for Breton, she collaborated with the development of the Juriti, Içara and Aura lines, and designed the Circe armchair and the Venturini sofa, which are furniture that recalls the best of the Scandinavian modernism, a strong reference in the designer's ideas.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).