Bruno Simões

The diversified professional education - architecture, photography and journalism - is a determining factor in Bruno Simões' trajectory. He has a powerful power of being concise; his design denotes much less the particularities involved in each of his professional experiences, but his multiple connections. Living in the City of São Paulo, where he maintains a studio focused on the development of architecture and furniture design projects, Simões is also the curator of the highly touted MADE (Market, Art, Design) Fair, which places him at the forefront of the collectible design scene. In addition, the professional acts as independent curator in specialized galleries in the city, exhibitions in his own studio, and was responsible for the first international artistic house assembled in the country and focused exclusively on the design, the RE.DE.SIGN project, in 2015.

The Dobra and Arco armchairs are furniture that start from the drawing of a circle, taken by its creator, Bruno Simões, as a representation of the family. Thus, starting from a meticulous research process, the designer makes the approach unique in such an elementary way. In the same way, from the point of view of their constitution and lightness, they are pure expression of the concept that less can really be more. Especially when it comes to armchairs. A furniture that, in general, is associated with the idea of “more”: bigger, wider and denser.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).