Bruno Jahara

The expressiveness is a distinguishing feature in the work of the Rio de Janeiro-based designer Brunno Jahara. Without fear of being happy, the designer mixes relaxation, tropical inspiration and subtle irony in the same pot, adding contemporary information as spices, generating creations we cannot ignore. Graduated from the University of Brasília, he also attended courses at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. Jahara lives in São Paulo, where his creative studio is located. Mastering the matching of unexpected materials, in an unusual way, he is always invited to represent Brazil in shows abroad. Plastic, metal, wood, natural or synthetic fibers. Whatever the material that is being used, for Jahara, designing pieces that are relevant to his time, and, of course, expressing a universal vocabulary, is what really matters. After all, design is a multicultural discipline, and, more than ever, travel is necessary.

In his creative process, Bruno Jahara identifies himself with the Brazilian lifestyle: more laid-back, relaxed, but always elegant. The BEO line, which he designed for Breton, is all about this laid-back approach to life and the feeling that life is good. A bench, an armchair and a set of side tables that are outstanding in any environment, be it indoor or outdoor, and which speak closely to a way of living in harmony with nature. Always relaxed and in high spirits.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).