Alê Alvarenga

The interest in research and the watchful eye on the human behavior are distinctive traits in the work of the Minas Gerais-based designer Alessandro Alvarenga. As an industrial designer, the professional has accumulated a solid and diversified experience in almost two decades of work, especially in the furniture sector. It is not surprising, therefore, that his projects, rather than incorporating an exuberant identity, seem to have the satisfaction of the desires of their users as his top priority. Regardless whether such desires are immediate, more sensitive to the use and functioning of each piece of furniture, or even the subjective ones, linked to the affective memory. His projects also derive from his experience in large-scale production, the attachment of the designer to the clean and synthetic drawing, which finds in this condition its main reason for existing. For Alvarenga, true simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve, despite being always welcome.

Combining inspiration and strict execution is one of the characteristics of a good design. In the case of the furniture created by Alê Alvarenga for the Breton collection - the Amesh armchair, the Mitra sideboard and coffee table, the Devah tables and flower pots - this goal has been fully achieved. Named after the Hanging Gardens, the pieces emerged from a survey of the Persian and Babylonian empires and have been translated into a robust, light-permeable and texture-rich furniture that points out to a possible - and desired - coexistence between plants and furniture.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).