Rejane Carvalho Leite

The traditions of the State of Rio Grande do Sul are very much alive in the work of the architect and designer Rejane Carvalho Leite, who works in her own studio dedicated to product design. Therefore, she is quite interested in the cutting-edge technology of the southern industries, but also the manual skills of artisans. A keen supporter of the routine experience on the plant floor, the designer admits she never designs a product without first being aware of the productive capacity of the company for which she is working. She believes that only this way she is capable of fully materializing her projects, that is, affecting even their final cost. In short, for Rejane, a product is only materialized, in fact, when it is able to balance in its formulation the technical precision and the aesthetic balance, technology and handcraft. After all, only in this way is it possible to obtain furniture and objects made for today, but with a timeless style.

Rejane Carvalho Leite is a designer interested in technology, but not in a restrictive sense. She seeks to balance from technological components to handcrafted procedures in her work, and the result emerge in the form of exclusive solutions with a marked Brazilian-ness. With its engaging forms, the Jockey armchair is the designer's contribution to the Breton collection. Once again, following the best tradition of Brazilian furniture, the designer uses wood and leather, giving rise to an influential furniture, made to enhance the family gathering.

Text by Marcelo Lima (Journalist and Design Critic).